Anesthetic Amnesia

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to Reena’s Xploration Challenge #251
Prompt Word: Jamais Vu (opposite of Deja Vu)

My grown daughter told me that this was not the first time I had awakened and been told I had experienced a stress induced heart attack. In fact she said, the diagnosis by the physician was broken heart syndrome.

I was quite positive I had not heard any of this before and voiced my opinion aloud. In my hospital room with us was the head nurse of my floor. She put away the instruments used to acquire my readings and turned toward both of us.

“What you are experiencing is called Jamais Vu, it’s the opposite of the common occurrence we refer to as Deja Vu. Because you are experiencing memory loss due to the trauma your body has suffered, it is the first time you remember hearing it,” Nurse Stephanie said.

“And will I remember this tomorrow or will it all be gone and seem new to me yet again?” I asked.

“What you are experiencing is called Jamais Vu, it’s the opposite of the common occurrence we refer to as Deja Vu. Because you are experiencing memory loss due to the trauma your body has suffered, it is the first time you remember hearing it,” Nurse Stephanie said.

“Yes, I know. You just said that,” I said with a good amount of consternation and attitude.

“I most certainly did not just say that at all. I believe you are having a Deja Vu moment, quite common after a patient has been under anesthesia for an extended amount of time,” she remarked as she left my room.

I closed my eyes and wished myself anywhere but here; or had I done that already?

Moon Cycle

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

moon between throw time give nothing rising lull space broken mute shadow

The Sunday Whirl Wordle #572 Hosted by bwarren

Moon rises in it’s time
Nothing can lull
it from rising
between daylight hours
Merely a mute dalliance
in the busy life of Earth

If one attempts to give
the circling glowing orb
more light than it desires
Moon will throw a darkened
shadow across the broken
expanse of space to quench it

Cellpic Sunday

Cellpic Sunday 10/2/22 Hosted by Journeys With Johnbo

Tala and Koda 10/01/22

I don’t have any Sunday pictures as I was otherwise distracted, so I’ll post this picture of my babies relaxing during the height of Hurricane Ian. Not a worry in the world. Oh to be a dog!

Sunday night as I tried to go to bed! 10/02/22

All photographs by Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Someone Else

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

One heart reaches
To another heart
To someone else

One heart aches
At the rebuff
For someone else

Three hearts wounded
By two hearts
That someone else

The Winner

Warning! Possible trigger – suicide content!


In response to paeansunplugged’s prompt Poetics: The Good And The Evil for dVerse Poets Pub

I think I’m done, she said to no one in particular. I can’t do this anymore. The pain is too great, and the loneliness is worse.

And what is it you will do?
Said a deep gravely voice with glee.

I have pills, different kinds. I don’t know but I’d just like to go to sleep and be done, she replied.

But you will not be done little one, it won’t be over. You will suffer endlessly should you choose this path, said a soft commanding voice.

Then what am I to do? She cried into the night.

You persevere. You continue. You fight with every ounce of your soul. You are the Light and darkness abhors the Light. Be the Light so that others may follow your Light and live too. Be the Light that wins. Be the winner, the soft voice echoed from far away.

She slept.

Earth Plea

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Wind blow
howl and moan
Sweep away
the dirt
Sweep away
the pain

Rain fall
saturate the ground
Wash away
the rubble
Wash away
the time

Lightning split
the darkened sky
Bring light
to the blackened spoils
Bring light
to Earths dark blight

Morning sun
shine brightly down
Awaken all mankind
let healing now begin
Awaken all mankind
Earths plight is dire and grim

Electricity Gone

(100 Words)

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

In response to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ September 30, 2022 Photo Prompt Challenge 100 words exactly.

I was prepared for every contingency, I thought. I had a bathtub full of water to flush toilets with, or boil over the hot coals of my grill if needed for use in cleaning and brushing teeth. Pantry-full of nonperishables and items I could eat without cooking.

Both dogs safely inside, enough dog food to last a week. Books to read by candlelight. Candles, matches, lighters, charcoal, check. Seems like I have everything, all bases covered.

The lights flickered twice and then the electricity was gone. Darkness and quiet filled the house. Everything I needed was here; except you.

The Quiet

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Old Town Canoe

Gliding along in the O.T. Canoe
paddles splash alongside
in unison – out of unison
The synchronicity intrinsic
to the bond of the two within

Speed boats and Trawlers whiz
past the slow and steady canoe
their wake rocking us side to side
The noise of the motorized
floating vehicles subsides

Splash Splash Splash
the two paddles continue
pushing the long green canoe
through reeds waving in the breeze
towards a shore scattered with birds

The canoe nestled safely aground
waves caress the sandy beach
sea gulls call and egrets take flight
Oyster shells line the embankment
I revel in the quiet of nature

*O.T. – Old Town Canoe Company

Smooth Rain

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to Bartholomew Barker’s Monday Poetry Prompt Word – SMOOTH.

Upon your silvery green leaves
raindrops slide joyfully
Bouncing once – twice
then soaking into the ground
toward the outstretched roots
of blossoming flowers

The crystalline beads fall from above
a dance of life-giving merriment
A smooth iridescent drink
of clear Earth Mother’s milk
Replenishing all it touches with
rejuvenated vigor and health

Saturating fields and gardens
meadows too with soothing essence
Touching the withered with magic
making that which is green brighter
Calling forth sprouts and stems
into the light of a brand new day