Life’s Garden

Bunny hops across my yard
twilight creates shadows
bigger than life
Like dreams

Stops at one floral laden bush
takes a distasteful bite
spits out the sour fruit
Seeds propagate

More flower bearing plants ahead
strong legs plunge bunny forward
into thorn protruding arms
Rose bed

One bite then a painful dislodge
red petals lay upon bloody wounds
A sniff – a snort – a shake of a leg
Lesson learned


In response to Bartholomew Barker’s June Visual Poetry Prompt

Sentinel’s standing tall
guarding the paradisiacal island
year after year into decades
through light storms and squalls

Nothing touched them at all
their roots burrowed deep
fronds spread wide against
sun wind and balmy stalls

Late on the last day of Fall
onto the beach they came
carrying machines made by men
not one could withstand the thrall

Chopping down the lovely molle
used their wood for fancy chairs
on the beach where they had stood
victims of human cabal

Sacrificial Choice

You have sacrificed me
in pursuit of your own happiness
Believing the one you left behind
will wait in ultimate patience

By choice you left to follow
your dream of adventure and fun
No regard for the damage
done or pain begun

Disposable I am to you
to stick around with nothing to do
But soothe a broken heart you think
to repair with a brand new start

Life with its many twists and turns more dear as it nears its end
A precious gift to be cherished
loved ones held close to the heart

You chose to cut that time short
traveled the world for new highs
Leaving emptiness filled by blight
no longer able to make things right

Sacrifice needs a good cause
make a difference make a pause
Consider what is sacrificed
is it worth losing it for life


Sacrifice – a double-edged sword

No one wins

Both are Gored


Three Storytellers

dreams, potion, road, morning, hand, head, three, poem, between, feather, storytellers, ascending The Sunday Whirl Wordle #607 hosted by bwarren

Three storytellers stand
hand in hand
each to recite a poem
from within their head

Between each a feather
a potion to manifest dreams
along the ascending road
subconscious to reality

Morning comes
the three are gone
fond illusions
waiting for me


Sand dune covered in sea grass
breeze blowing delicate fronds
back and forth
to and fro


Lone surfer loitering on a sea
buffeted by gentle waves
rolling up and down
stalling then lifting again


Tiny little chickadee upon the reed
swaying in the wind holding tightly
around and around
twisting so close to the ground


Lonely woman walking the beach
eyes scan the horizon
no ship to be found
circles back around


Where Are You Now?

Where are you now
so far away
Unaware of my pain

Why have you gone
and left me alone
No one to call

No one to come
to my aid injured
Suffering in solitude

No one’s priority
singularity unwanted
Calls go unanswered

Where have you gone
why did you choose to
Leave me here bereft

The world grows colder
the wound gets hotter
Still there is only silence

Walk Away

Image credit: EvgeniT @ Pixabay
In response to What do you see # 188 – May 29, 2023 hosted by Sadje

Walk away never look back
what came before
reflects what you lacked

Your light shines bright
without friend or foe
go strong into the dark night

Fear not what you have lost
mourn for nothing gained
left behind in the frost

The road ahead barren and still
only pain to be found
behind that last hill

Walk on without looking back
preserve self love and strong will
form your own private wolf-pack


In response to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). EXCESS

Life overflows with excesses
for some
and more is wanted

Excess leads to greed
the need to obtain extra
go higher

Augment that which
is already possessed
blinded by what is had

Ignorant of those
who have not
no supplementary

Unaware of humanities
basic deficiencies inability
to attain excessiveness

Creating chasms
broken social strictures
chaos and unrest

Excess breeds exclusivity
feeding the full
leaving the hungry –


Bone Hoarder

Koda Photographed by Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

I have bones
I have all the bones
Wolf in the house or not –

These are my bones!