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Silence chosen by one
quiet solitude
Lack of connection
to another
muted torture

Pain of loss unchosen
peaceful torment
River full of jagged stones
on bare feet
private misery

Alone again
not chosen
Meals as one
isolated waking
sleepless dreaming

Chooses another
love removed
his choice
Loneliness prevails
walking soundlessly away

Life’s Picnic

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In response to post by Living Poetry’s
Bartholomew Barker
“Let’s Write A Picnic Poem”

A bed of roses life is not
a nest of thorns
is where I lay my lot

That pretty vine
that looks so soft
poison ivy is what I got

Up above the sky so blue
above my head seagull’s flew
onto my head they did plop

This pretty blanket I sit upon
checkered red placed on the ground
wool made blisters all around

This poem has said nothing new
think I shall have to give
it back to Bartholomew!

It Is …

Photograph by Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

It is very difficult
to realize
What you are to me
is not what I am to you

It is heartbreaking
to know
My sun rises and sets with you
I am but a shadow for you in your sun

It is with agonizing clarity
to understand
Number one you are for me
for you I am way past three

It is utterly disappointing
to comprehend
Your life a full story to mine
mine a mere sentence in yours

It is with painful acceptance
to relinquish
Dreams and expectations
and just be me


Photograph by Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to RDP Wednesday Prompt – SUNFLOWER
Posted by curiouscat99 @

Sunflower is my May flower
not a typical day flower
a happy sunny picnic days flower
welcome to vacation days flower
salted seeds and raven wings flower
rain showers standing strong flower
Sunflower is my May flower

The Road Ahead

Photo by weejars@Mindlovemisery’sMenagerie In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #462

The road slowly curves
following the shapely
silhouette of the sea

To follow the black
noxious tarred surface
into another day

Unimaginable torment
waiting around that bend
street lights blaring

Below is the deep dark sea
cool inviting solitude
beckoning me home

Anger Cures All

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Anger cures all
wipes away the pain.
Pain of separation, loss,
betrayal and heartache.

A boiling hot inferno,
rage sterilizes emotions.
Obliterates the incapacitating,
overwhelming misery.

Resentment cuts deep both ways,
amputating the infection.
Relieving the bearer
of the life-leaching agony.

Tears sizzle, evaporate
beneath the onslaught
of molten vehemence,
monumental eruptions of temper.

Fury soothes the tempest,
shrinks the heart,
takes it to a safer place.
Anger cures all.

In My Garden

Artist Unknown
A tribute to the completion of The April Blogging FROM A-TO-Z CHALLENGE

When I die
may butterfly wings
whisk me away
on a whisper of wind

May they find me
among my flowers
a spade in my hand
and a smile on my face

I wish that sadness
not permeate the joy
and beauty of nature
I was blessed to find here

Allow me to rest beneath
the hallowed ground of
Mother Earth herself
until the very end of time

That I may give back
all that she has given me
And so when I die may
they find me in my Garden