Bunny Rage

In response to Charli Mills at
Carrot Ranch Literary Community January 9, 2023 Story Challenge in 99-words

It was the constant munching and twittering that did it. He had tolerated it for as long as he had been able to, he thought. He’d been driven past any humans endurance and felt no remorse, now. Many times he had politely asked her to move her menagerie of bunnies, but she had ignored his requests.

He lifted the heavy lid of the cast iron pot. Waves of savory scented steam rose from the bubbling brew, his stomach rumbled in anticipation. He added herbs, a few more spices, stirred and returned the lid, heat wafting from the big top.

Never The Same

In response to Sadje’s WDYS prompt
What do you see #168
January 9, 2023

Image credit: Cottonbro studio @ Pexels

Never the same
always different
caught in the middle
of others statuesque beauty

Molded differently
rougher hewn
sharper edges
unfinished pockmarked surface

Unstable untied to a base
unlike they who never wobble
strongly molded together
forevermore encased as one

Untouched in their concreteness
facing war weather and time
side by side in their cemented bonds
a weed inserts itself fighting to survive

The Test

In response to bwarren’s

Sunday Whirl Wordle #586

The Master laughs as each one of his three chosen is sent back into their individual rooms down in the castle dungeon. Each student is reminded not to touch the door handle until the end of the session. They are instructed not to chatter among themselves.

Each of the three learned comrades is given two glasses of water, a scrap of food and a wooden rod. The moment the sconces are turned down and darkness spreads through the underground prison, a large rat slips into the first students cell. The student is sickened and enraged by the filthy creature and beats it away with his rod.

The fat rat scurries into the second dungeon cell where the student has created an intricate trap using bits of scrap food and cash. He plans to catch that rotund rat and have himself a nice, tasty dinner.

Undeterred and even less fooled, the old fat rat slides into the third and last alcove. The third student looks up from where he sits cross-legged in the center of his cell, meditating. The scrap of food cut in half, divided evenly in front of him.

“Welcome,” said the student to the large rodent, “I’ve been waiting for you. Please sit and join me in repose as I very much would like to hear your stories of old.”

The rat transformed back into the aged Master who smiled broadly at his third and best student.

“You have done well my son. You have passed the ultimate test. You are now the champ, you are the Rat King.”

Maiden Voyage

Picture by Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

She slipped from her trailered cage
into the cool waters of Dutchman’s Creek without a splash
sliding without a sound

Her heavy bottom keeping her stable
amid the obnoxious wakes
created by those less considerate
than she on her maiden voyage

Waves chased each other to shore
the tide racing the wind to the sea
and back again to caress her sides
her rudder vibrating in delight

The wind held its breath
teasing her new sails
until they lay listless
against the thick steel of her mast

At the moment of her surrender
the air moved gently against her
lifting her bow with the strength
of it’s force against her virgin wing

Salty spray sprang from beneath
the arch of her pointed bow
her release burst forth
the wind full force set her free

Broken Shards


Barbs land true in the night
fired behind vicious words
wrapped in silken bed linens

Cool tufted comforter caresses
bodies fueled by hurt and anger
spew poison darts meant to injure

Thorns imbed deep burrowing
past thick skinned barriers
beyond years built steel walls

Monsters hidden emerge
obscured by the face of one
once loved beyond all measure

Ties are pulled apart and broken
bonds unravel the ends burned
beyond a braiders healing abilities

Backs turn in anger
neither relinquishing the last word
the line is drawn and quartered


Horizon by KL Caley

In response to KL Caley’s Weekly #Writephoto Prompt!

Dreams do manifest into reality
the test is in the waiting
the passage of time

Waves caress the glistening sides
of the white sailing ship
her name a beloved acronym
a gift

Behind lies land and what used to be
ahead lives adventures to be found
hand and hand and arm in arm is life


Courtesy of shutterstock.com

In response to pensitivity101’s prompt Three Things Challenge #M192 PENALTY AIM INTRICATE

His aim was true his future solid the plan he laid an intricate ballad of love lost and days spent in deep emotional torment

In a short time without much effort he stole her heart giving him comfort She didn’t know she didn’t plan to spend her life without this man

The truth came out painful and bold the ladies heart it grew quite cold He had cursed both of their destinies loneliness their ultimate penalty

A Family United

Picture Courtesy America’s Best House Plans

In response to Bartholomew Barker’s prompt, “What does the future hold?”

Broken apart now faltering
angst anger regret and pain
A mother and father vow
never to speak again

Houses once homes
sold to provide funds
For out-of-state moves
beer and liquor runs

Electricity falters
smart phones and devices
Become treasured antiques
man left without his vices

Teenagers stay home
to help mom run the farm
Sisters and brothers
work together arm in arm

Through the heavy barn doors
walks a man scarred and torn
Demons and humans he battled
his soul thin and worn

The players are different
in this family once broken
Standing together as one
not society’s meager token

A strong family unit now
forms a community devoted
to save their Mother the Earth
by hard work and clean voting