Lost Empires

(Response to Sammi Cox’s prompt EMPIRE – 70 Words)

Babylonia, Media

Persia and Greece

Four empires

the final fourth book

Israel as it stands now

but a crossroad stop

for the armies of

Asia Minor and Mesopotamia

The eastern boundaries

those blazing Arabian deserts

denied their escape

sealed by nature’s fickle fate

Four empires desecrated

passing marauders

Egypt bound for fame and gold

Arts, sciences, literature gone

The burning pursuit

of golden riches eternal

Embedded Inhumanness

since time immemorial

The Train

(A response to NaNoWriMo prompts: train, reflect, fog, night, incense.)

Rumbling and rattling soothing sounds to a train engineer Annoying clatter to the car waiting there

A little boy bounces his safety seat swaying counting how many cars the big red engine pulls through the night

A woman sits quietly at the stop without signals Her red rimmed eyes and tear streaked face reflect her youthful agony

Obscured by the incense of fog a possum struts across the tracks in blissful ignorance until the moment bright lights mark his imminent demise

The Train


(In response to Bartholomew Barker’s November Visual Poetry Prompt)
By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

We sat eye to eye
Me, inside my warm, cozy cabin
Sweet scent of hot apple cider
dancing happily around me

Him, resplendent in his home
Snow framing his petite form
Boughs of evergreen
bouncing softly in the breeze

A bite of my cinnamon stick
He gnawed on his and stopped
Taunting me
Teasing me 

A chattered challenge
I took up the melee
popping the entire sweet
onto my exuberant tongue

Not to be outdone
he devoured his delight
Those sharp teeth sawing
with meticulous precision

Shiny brown eyes glare at me
through frost glazed windows
Two cinnamon sticks had I
poor mr squirrel he had none



Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt # 233 “VELLICHOR”

by Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

The heavy, window paned door slams shut behind me. The tinkling of the brass chimes hanging from the knob cheerfully serenade new-comers and sing of impending revenue to the shop owner.

My nostrils luxuriate in the heady aroma of worn bindings, weathered pages and endless dreams.



Response to Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS October 30, 2021 “Boo!”

Bamboozled by a bamboozler

bamboozles me into


Bootless bamboozlers are the worst

Barefooted boozers they are

boorish jackbooters

Boozers and bamboozlers

together we find

are the boondoggling kind

Boondogglers can trick

but they won’t trade

Jackbooted boozers boor one and all

Beware bamboozled boozers

Watch out for boorish jackbooters.

Charm you they will until fully bamboozled then

off with your boots

………………………they will go



Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Her sanctuary invaded, she greets the new neighbor yet again, as he enters without a welcome. His man body betrays the child still living within it but, his voice and speech reminds her he is but a young, undisciplined boy who reeks of nescience concerning societal and cultural expectations. Compassion.

The Couch

Tala and Koda

The couch is your home and there you both sit or together you lay here in our small home

Once dinner is done a big stretch and some yawns it’s back to your cushiony throne

A noise from outside gets you up with a start off to the door you run hoping for romp and for fun

It’s that nice delivery man with a nod and a smile he’s delivering the box full of food, toys and new chewy socks

So it is true what I’m saying these two beasts that were playing are now curled up here at my feet the two loves of my life making my life pure delight

Dancing by Myself

by Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Shadows thick enough to hold the edges of my gown up and away from uneven cobblestones beneath my feet, twirl along with me as I dance by myself.

Music drifts through the neglected garden, the high pitched notes muted by the strong arm of the fog; only the low notes, the bass and the drum beat could be heard out here.

Around and around I twirl, the drum beat rising to a crescendo. Fog and shadows merge into one, holding my hand, cradling the small of my back and still I twirl.

A sharp crack, a stone dislodges, my heel catches and down I go, dancing by myself ‘til the end.


Response to Sammi Cox’s writing prompt #232

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Question politics

“Ask naught what can my government do for me but what can I do for my government?”


Question hypocrisy.

“…let all men be free in mind and body,” as both are denied and strangled by the constraints of government and religion.


Question religion.

“In order to gain entrance into that heavenly paradise, you must tithe a Godly portion of your earnings to the Church for life,” or be persecuted.


Question authority.

“We know what is right and good for the masses,” herded.

Question the politicians.

Question the educated prophets.

Question authority.