Quotes (Mostly) By Gypsie

Some absurd, some full of wisdom, some written by me, others written by – well, others!

It is your choice to give guidance. It is their choice to receive it. Neither’s decision negates the gift of the other. ~Gypsie 01/2012


Becoming the moral policer of a Community removes you from that Community into the arena of the Majority. ~Gypsie 04/13/19


Until you can be honest with yourself –
You can never be honest with others.


Remember never to throw stones, they most likely will get thrown back at you and with better aim!


Tolerance is not enough. Tolerance denotes aversion to something different, something outside a persons comfort zone. ACCEPTANCE is what we should be teaching. Your thing is not my thing and that’s OKAY!! ~Gypsie 11/16/22