Response to Sammi Cox’s writing prompt #232

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Question politics

“Ask naught what can my government do for me but what can I do for my government?”


Question hypocrisy.

“…let all men be free in mind and body,” as both are denied and strangled by the constraints of government and religion.


Question religion.

“In order to gain entrance into that heavenly paradise, you must tithe a Godly portion of your earnings to the Church for life,” or be persecuted.


Question authority.

“We know what is right and good for the masses,” herded.

Question the politicians.

Question the educated prophets.

Question authority.



  1. Very important statements, but those who ask must also be willing and able to answer in return. We all need structure, a framework, ethical and moral codes. But they must never only benefit the priviledged few.

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  2. GHLearner – I disagree while-heartedly. Throughout history, change often comes from the bottom up. The paupers, the uneducated, the laborers whose concerns and hardships finally and eventually reach the ears of those who can change things. In our world, our local representatives, from elected city officials to the highest office; it’s the People that shake up the grocery cart and their representatives that can or at least should make a change. One should never be afraid to ask a question for fear of not being able to answer it himself.


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