Jolted Awake

Reena Saxena’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge response to prompts

Loud Thunder

Unseasonal Fear

Surprised Sun

Jolted Awake

Artist: Wictoria Matynia for

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

The Surprised Sun glanced down from his perch light years away, To study the tiny round speck circling him in a perfect revolution of 365 turns.

The loud thunder arising from the tiny planet was a little unsettling, Particularly when it awoke his paramour, Lady Moon snagged in a nightmare of unseasonal fear.

What is it Love? She asked sleepily, urging the twinkling stars around her be still so she could hear her true loves response from across the void of never-ending space.

I think it’s those pesky bipeds again, trying to recreate the power of Me, he answered with the haughtiness of time and wisdom. “Go back to sleep dear,” he said to his Lady and she did.


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