C for Clear

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Office by KL Caley

I’ve watched her do it a hundred times, no, two hundred! Push this button and, nope, screen went blue, not good. I’ll just try this other one with that Apple thing on it, she uses it the most to write on and doesn’t cuss at it as much as this other all blue one. What’s this now? An R? On the one that isn’t an Apple thingy.

I’ll push the R, for red so the blue will go away. And push! Sirens? What? I’ve attempted to access an adult restricted site? Why would someone put an adult restricted site on a kids computer? Oh right, these are moms computers. One for working for money and one for working for free …. writing. She says that all the time.

Ok, I’ll just push this one, C for clean up. That’s the ticket. I’ll hold it down over and over again until I’ve cleaned it all up. And swoop! That was the last one.

Hey mom! Come and see what I’ve done! I’ve completely cleaned up both your computers, all shiny, new and blue.

Mom? Mom? What are you doing on the floor?


    1. Thank you! I can’t find my ping back info! That’s what I get for writing with a fever!


      1. Bummer. Did you find it OK? Hope you’re feeling a little better.


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