Lady Jabberwocky’s prompt for the week is to write a story or poem based on the word ring.

Ring of fire

around my chest

Ring of ice

To bring me rest

Ring-necked ducks

flutter across my mind

Fevers pitch

Hallucinations bind

Rings of silver, gold and red

fairies circle the colorful hue

Parakeets bright in orange and green

Sporting ring necks of deepest blue

Across the room

a man in black

His neck ringed all in white

His robe a simple gunnysack

Beckons me to come back home

Unto his hand a gold light glows

A ring of such resplendent delight

Calling all souls home this night


  1. I enjoyed this. Very nice!

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  2. Liked this very much Ami. Hope you are feeling better today

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    1. Trying – it’s up and down.

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