The Alchemy

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Sunday Wordless Wordless #552

Hosted by bwarren

Prompt Words: physics, never, alchemy, snack, drunk, fools, bar, dirt, gold, sometimes, silver, clod

The bar was packed, as it usually was on Saturday nights. It was an eclectic group that met there sometimes. Folks who generally never congregated, that’s a fancy word for partying or praying together; got together to get drunk and basically make fools of each other.

Why do they make fools of each other you wonder? Well, I am very happy to shovel up the dirt on the lot of them.

You see, on these particular Saturday night’s, all those physics people come down here from that big fancy college of theirs, to drink and snack and well, you know. Anyway, the college folk come thinking they are so much more sophisticated than the town folks are, wearing the gold and silver the town folks have mined. Least they think they are!

You see, we have our own psychics wiz in Henry over there. You know he’s only eleven years old? He’s what they call a savant, a right smart boy he is. Don’t talk much, but he don’t need to. Well, he used what he calls alchemy and made up a recipe that turns copper into gold or silver and the town sells it to the rich, but it’s not worth the copper little Henry starts with.

Thing is you know, by the way little Henry’s my son; that fancy college found out about Henry’s concoction and offered us a fair piece of cash if we’d give them the patent for it, and we did. Except, my smart Henry changed one of those numbers in the recipe he gave them; after they brought the cash. So, Henry has the real alchemy recipe, the cash and the gold and silver. Everyone of them’s a clod of manure if you ask me.

By the way, we’re leaving town first thing tomorrow morning …


    1. Thank you for reading and enjoying my friend! ☺️

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  1. lifelessons says:

    Ha. Clever Henry? Clever you…

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    1. (smiles) Thank you so much Judy! 🙏


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