My Mom Selfie

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Gypsie’s Mom circa 1954

In response to The Carrot Ranch’s May 9: Story Challenge in 99-words
Posted by Charli MillsCompose a Mom Selfie in 99 Words

Looking into the mirror, I see my mom looking back at me. The woman in the mirror has the same wrinkles in nearly the same places. Though her eyes were black as coal and mine are a greenish-amber; they are the same shape and size and both having a distant, distracted look.

The shape of our lips and even the color was identical. It’s the outside wrinkles of our mouths that sets us apart. Hers from being a chain smoker, addicted to those Pall Mall cigarettes. Mine from laughter and love.

Too bad I got my dad’s nose!


  1. Your Mum was an attractive woman Ami. I too am like my mother, but apparently more so her mother, a grandmother I never knew.

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    1. I knew and loved my grandmother deeply. (Mom’s mom) I am apparently like them both in physicality and a little else wise but I’m told I’m more like my Native American great
      grandmother in countenance, than any other. She was of the Sauk and Fox tribe in Tama, Iowa.

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      1. Wow. That is some ancestry!

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  2. Add Scots/Irish on the other side = Celtic! ❤️


  3. Paula Light says:

    Wonderful essay, with a humorous touch! 💜

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  4. Thank you so much Paula! 😊


  5. I also enjoyed the bit of humor you injected into your story. I love that you and your mom share so many characteristics. ❤

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  6. Thank you Colleen. She passed away in 1996 but I remember everything aboug her in vivid detail. ❤️


  7. This was a beautiful portrait and thanks for sharing. I’m pretty sure your dad’s nose isn’t so bad!

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    1. I loved my dad but he had a big honker with gigantic pores!! Think a smaller version of Karl Mauldin’s nose! LOL Thank you fit your kind words Michael …


  8. Norah says:

    That’s beautiful. I think I am like my mother in many ways, but not so much in looks.

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  9. Thank you Norah! Understand that! 😊


  10. suespitulnik says:

    What a nice memory. I got all my Dad’s looks and short, stocky body. Welcome to the Ranch.

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  11. Thank you so very much Sue and you look lovely to me! Beautiful hair! 😀


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