HalfHearted Lovers

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

E.M.’s RWP ~ #312
Random Word Prompt – Halfhearted

Posted by E.M. Kingston

If you are given half of their heart,
whom do they give the other half to?
Man or woman neither one survive
with only half a heart, it’s true.

A man or woman who gives their whole heart to one, be it a woman or a man
that part matters not to love;
a full heart has no room for another.

A woman who withholds half her heart
for reasons known only to her
or to both; retribution for perceived past
slights or offenses, sets her man half free.

A man who keeps half his heart
to himself, his issue or theirs,
lack of intimacy on either side,
or faded love, sets his woman half free.

Neither are to blame
there is no shame
in looking to fill your heart
to its very fullest.

Just beware and have a care
when that halfhearted lover
captures your tender beating heart;
a halfhearted lover is all you’ll ever have.


    1. Thank you Michael! You do a heart good! 😌


  1. Sadje says:

    Something like a part-time lover?


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