Blind Date

Too old to look for love
too young to stop looking yet
A date is set the time confirmed
she said to her this could be him

Trepidation feeds anxiety
what to wear and not to wear
Casual clothes baggy and comfortable
dressy clothes constrict and itch

Silky blouse washed and ironed
comfy blue jeans will have to do
Top it off with a matching sweater
key in ignition it’s time to go

The man arrives ten minutes prior
there’s still five minutes to spare
Last look into the dangling mirror
struggling inside the aging car

At the bar he drinks his cola
doesn’t notice when she walks in
Twice she had to say hello
then introduce herself a bit too loud

His eyes grow dull as they rake
her body head to toe and back again
Obvious he has dismissed her presence
not what he had hoped to find at all

Awkward dinner barely eaten
stilted conversation or none at all
An hour later back at home
wrapped up within her favorite shawl


  1. Sometimes it goes like that.

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  2. Sadje says:

    It was not a good match.

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