Under Sail

Oh how I wish it could be me

Unfurling those brilliant white sails

With you

Awaiting that first fresh gust of air

Smiling as our sails catch the wind

Forward toward the rising sun

We ride the watery swells

Laughing together

Thrusting up and back down again

Bodies pressed together we ride

Shadows dancing across the water

Skipping over swaths of foamy peaks

Sea sprays our faces

Then slipping into the beckoning darkness

Only to rise and crest on your pointed bow

Oh to sail sitting beside you

To watch the joy of a full sail

Light up your eyes

As I’ve only ever seen in the dark

Behind closed and bolted doors

To taste the sea air on my tongue

Feel your strong arms around me

Safe haven

Catching the strong tailwinds

That carry us to port and home

Too soon you stride away

Into the early morning light

Sun on your back

Into another’s glistening world

Your life with her life tied forever

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