13 Days of Samhain Volume II prompts for 2021 A Horror Halloween Writing Challenge

The Thinning of the Veil Prompt Day 1 – Graveyard Shift by Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Be they human or be they animal, she wondered. Then she thought, mayhap they were neither one, but the monsters in the dark, barely visible through the thinning veil her grandmama warned her about her whole life.

“You stay away from that graveyard, you hear me?” She’d warned in the crackly voice of an old one. “When Samhain comes, the entire graveyard shifts. What should be down comes up and what’s supposed to be up, well, let’s just say it’s not nothing you ever want to experience!”

The female’s companion raised his bow, poised to shoot a thick, deadly arrow through the chest of, whatever it was standing there unmoving beyond the mist. It was small, but standing very close, he would not miss. The veil was thinning. He could slip in and out of it now if he concentrated.

She placed her hand on his arm, halting his movement, delaying the shot. Her companion sighed, lowering his long-bow to his side. If he could just spear one of those pale-haired, mutant monsters that eluded even the most experienced hunters; he would be a hero. He could have any female he wanted.

“Come now,” she said, “tis only the first day of Samhain, we’ve got twelve more to go.”

Reluctantly, he turned his big body away from the mist shrouded veil, following her home.

On the other side of the veil, little Marta tugged at her mother’s hand. “Hurry mama, they’re back! The monsters! I just saw them in the mist!” Marta was insistent, pulling on her mother’s arm.

Her mother patted her small head and smiled.

“Ahh Samhain! When little children’s imagination’s run rampant and the monster’s come out to play…”


  1. Fantastic storytelling! The ending is perfectly dismissive…just a child’s imagination 🙂

    Thank you Sammi! I wish the formatting wouldn’t run together like that. How do you get yours to look so nice?


  2. Gypsie says:

    I’m sorry everything ran together. As I compose on my iPhone, I fear the format does not transfer well. I do know how to structure sentences, paragraphs and dialogue but apparently there’s a recalcitrant troll blocking my very pristinely formatted works. Either that, or the monsters have invaded my smart phone …


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