Personal Gratitude

Photograph by Ami (Gypsie ) Offenbacher-Ferris

2nd Response to Barthlomew Barker’s Monday Poetry Prompt: GRATITUDE

It is with gratitude this day 

that I write this to say

to express to all those 

mentioned here in this prose

Without them you see

I would have ceased to be

My life they have saved 

in their own sacred way

The first to my daughter 

whose love did not falter

when doctors in white

predicted the end of my life

A lady swathed in riches all purple 

was next to produce a loving miracle

Dance she did a pure happy spirit 

called me back wanting to be near it

Of all the legged beasts in this land

there’s no other like my Tala so grand

Where I go she will always follow 

where she goes I strive not to dawdle 

Within the dark fog of sudden illness

a battle fought within comas stillness

A figure emerged my soul he claimed

renewed my heart set my body aflame

To these loved ones and many more 

no way to keep count no way to score

My love, my thanks to you I do give

Gratitude you allowed me to live

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