Thanksgiving Blessings

Photo taken by Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

A response to Bartholomew Barker’s Monday Poetry Prompt – GRATITUDE

It’s not only this time of the year that I’m wishing you near Wanting things to be as they used to be between you and me. Mother, Father, sisters all

It’s not only this day filled with turkey delight, cornbread stuffing sweet pies baked in the night when I find how thankful I am you were in my life

Memories slip in tinged with the vintage of time masking the trials of teenagers coming of age in a world filled with war, heartache and rage A world your children never knew

How hard it had been as each of your kin passed into the night relinquished the fight to diseases unknown while raising a house full of girls with their silver combs

Unaware thanks to you that our world was a zoo Filled with dangers and frights we as kids had no clue as we were ever protected by you

Cuba’s missiles we found could’ve leveled our ground Yet we continued to play in our yard in the sun no cares but our own thanks to you

A blissful time a child without worry a child without crime I am thankful for each day since you’ve both gone away to rest in the peaceful arms of time you still live in my heart

Happy Thanksgiving it is and with great thanks that I give to two parents now gone that allowed a kid to be a kid – Thank you with love ‘til we meet again

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