Mother’s Mistake

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

Impure, Indeed, Infer – Three word challenge posted by

Impure indeed! How absolutely insidious that you would infer to me, to me that one single creation of mine has been a mistake.

Look upon that glossy sea and what is it that you see? Thousands of miles of ocean blue filled with whale and squid, enough food for all.

The sandy beaches are pristine white, reflects the sun and makes more light. Brings warmth then rain to this fair earth that is me and mine.

What’s that you say? Look again? Remove the luscious green vines from my eyes, that I might see and become once again wise?

What folly is this? What twist of fate? Mother Nature does not make mistakes! What’s done is done but can be undone. An experiment it was handed down from above, to see if a sentient one could respect the bounds.

Alas he could not and it’s sad to me, I loved watching the little boys climb my trees, while little girls with hair in curls played among my whipper whorls.

The boys did grow to wield mighty axes. The girls no longer took their lessons in herbs, and plants and all things green.

In all these millennium I must admit, Mother Nature has had a slip. I will put things back to right, one more fortnight and we can heal once this plaque has wrought its deal.

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