Another Drink

By (Gypsie) Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

To say that I am not
an accomplished drinker
Would be the truth

For in truth when I do imbibe
nothing ever goes just right
The best plans fail to materialize

Or worse become a many legged
creature completely out of control
Believe me I should know

At least I think I know
or so I’ve been told by
my lovely friends one or two

Or three but that matters not
being of Scots/Irish descent
I should be able to hold my lot

But no it’s just not so
not one lick or tiny bit
Have a drink they coerce

When the liquor hits my tongue
the fun they say – has just begun
I like to dance and twirl around

Upon the table tops and more
another drink my bestie says
the night is still so young

Unfortunate though it seems to me
young I am no more – I just poured
my lovely port into my cup of tea!


  1. My daughter is 33 and can drink just about anyone under the table …. Not the best thing in the world … but there you have it. 😊


  2. My daughter was just visiting and her 23 years deals with drinking much better than her mother’s! Lol.


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