By (Gypsie) Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to prompt word by Eugi’s Causerie March 22, 2022 Prompt Word is: SOARING

Suddenly, the wind is ripping,
the cut of it refreshingly chilly.
The air swirls around me wildly.

Strong gusts of wind work
to lift me high above the earth,
soaring freely on the breeze.

Turning my head commands
my body to veer left, turn my head
again and I veer right.

Higher and higher I rise
into the blackness of the night sky
on diaphanous wings I can not see.

Swooping beneath arched bridges
like a newly emerged dragonfly.
Over tall buildings I laugh with joy.

My spirit roams free above the city
soaring weightless and bodiless
until the mornings light wakes me.


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