That’s Not Nautical Blue

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Sailboat On Water Wall Art
Don Hammond

In response to Sue W. and GC’s weekly color challenge word prompt – Nautical Blue

He was positive he’d ordered his new boat in nautical blue. After waiting nearly a year for its completion, how disappointed he felt when they rolled it out of the marina on its trailer.

What was this? A bright, neon bluish green monstrosity of a sailing vessel! Normally a genteel man, considered quiet by most, he could not stop his repeated utterance of “oh noes!”

The ship builder’s bewilderment and surprise were evident. He had never disappointed a customer is his thirty plus years of ship building.

He asked his paying customer what was the problem? The new owner explained he had specifically ordered his boat in nautical blue. The ship builder answered emphatically that this was nautical blue.

They argued about it for a short period of time and then the new owner said to the ship builder, “Let’s take her out for her test run and I’ll show you nautical blue.”

Once past the docks and slipping through the canal following the buoy markers, the new Captain took the ship builder and his son into deep water.

After some test maneuvering and checking that all of the gauges were working, the Captain pointed straight ahead. In the distant, the ocean was so blue as to be almost black.

“That,” the Captain said with satisfaction, “is nautical blue.”

“Ah yes my good friend, you are correct. Now if you would, please examine the exterior of your new craft.”

He leaned over to examine the hull to find it gleaming a very rich shade of bluish black, matching perfectly the nautical blue of the deep rolling ocean they sailed upon.


  1. SueW says:

    Brilliant! And thank you vey much for taking part in our Nautical Blue Colour Challenge

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome! 🧧❤️🏆

      Liked by 1 person

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