By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Image credit; Saffu@ Unsplash

In response to Sadje’s prompt
What do you see? # 138

The Red Boat waits patiently
for the other red boat lingering
too close beside her to pass
and give thanks.


  1. judeitakali says:


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  2. You are most welcome Sadje! 😊


  3. Sadje says:

    Beautifully written Ami. So much said in so few words. Thanks for joining in

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Sadje! 🙏

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      1. Sadje says:

        My pleasure. Thanks for joining

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  4. Thank you Jaya! Glad they resonate with you. ❤️


  5. Jaya Avendel says:

    Love the simple imagery in these words! ❤

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