How Is It?

Picture courtesy of Pinterest Artwork by Jasmin Junger

How is it that a day
filled with brightness and sunlight
Is followed by a night
mired in lonely chilly darkness

How is it that a soul
soaring high above the clouds
Falls tumbling back down to Earth
wrapped in barbed coils of despair

How is it that a smile
well practiced and performed
So easily turns when all alone
into a long sorrowful frown

How is it that couples
find everlasting enduring love
While others flail along the way
searching, waiting, hoping every day

How is it that the north wind blows
a storm laced with bitter cold
And those south of the hemisphere
enjoy heat on the longest wintery day

How is it that life goes on
regardless of humanity’s plight
I suppose it’s with goodwill and faith
I wish you all a goodnight


  1. Sadje says:

    Sometimes goodwill is not enough and we have to rely solely on faith

    Liked by 1 person

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