1. Sadje says:

    So lovely 😊

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      1. Sadje says:

        My pleasure

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  2. Layla Todd says:

    Lovely contrast of imagery! ❤

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  3. Hammad Rais says:

    I dearly wish to see such night sky 🙂

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    1. When out on the ocean, it’s truly magnificent! ☺️

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  4. berniebell1955 says:

    Yup – that’s when we get the real darkness – appreciate what we can see – and dance along the Milky Way.

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    1. That’s why I love true camping away from everything!! 💫


  5. berniebell1955 says:

    Hi Gypsie – I hope this is OK with you? If not, I can take it away!


    Hands across the ocean!


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    1. Most certainly! I’m honored by your reblog! Thank you! 🙏


  6. berniebell1955 says:

    Just spreadin’ the good stuff…..

    I read your ‘Earth Poem’ and was reminded of this….

    Take One Home For The Kiddies

    On shallow straw, in shadeless glass,
    Huddled by empty bowls, they sleep:
    No dark, no dam, no earth, no grass –
    Mam, get us one of them to keep.

    Living toys are something novel
    But it soon wears off somehow.
    Fetch the shoebox, fetch the shovel –
    Mam, we’re playing funerals now.

    Philip Larkin

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