She Fooled Me – Again

Photograph courtesy of Peace Arch News

Back breaking
legs aching
pulling weeds
and planting seeds

Palms unveiled
not one of them failed
surviving nature’s wrath
until winter’s aftermath

Hands all muddy
nails chipped and cruddy
wet shoes placed in the laundry-room
waiting for spring’s flowers to bloom

The radio blares a warning
severe winter storm is coming
back outside to cover the palms
keep from freezing their fronds

Back breaking
legs aching
I guess I’ll never learn when
Mother Nature has fooled me again!


  1. Since moving to my loft, I’ve missed having a garden, but having read this, I’m not so sure!

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    1. I would be lost without my gardens and my fur babies!! 💜


  2. Sadje says:

    Aww, I hope that they all survive this storm.

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