Silly Not-Going-To-Rhyme Poem

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In response to Punam’s Challenge to Write a Poem that Addresses Itself or some aspect of its self (i.e., “Dear Poem,” or “what are my quatrains up to?”; “Couplet, come with me . . .”)


Do not ask this of me
I won’t do it at all
I am too tired you see
Try again in the Fall

To rhyme or not to rhyme
there’s no question of that
I just do not have the time
I’m a poem not an acrobat

You can not toss words around
there is protocol and structure to me
I refuse to be your silly word clown
Now go away and just let me be!


  1. Ami, I love this! I can’t take credit for the prompt. The prompt was given by Maureen of NaPoWriMo..

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    1. Thank you Punam and thank you Maureen!! Please share with her if you’d like! ❤️


      1. You are so welcome, Ami. I sure will. ❤️

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  2. You nailed it, Gypsie! 😉 xx Michael

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    1. (Blushing hotly) Thank you so much Micjael!! Did you see some of the others? They are wonderful!! 🙏😊🙏


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