Why Can’t You Hear Me?

Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

You can’t hear me

I am speaking beneath your voice

droning on and on

a muddle of senseless prattle

You know I am speaking

You know I can hear you

You do not have to shout

and stomp about like a circus clown

I am listening to you

I can understand you

I remain stoically silent

after so many years

you notice my muteness

Your hands on my shoulders

wanting me to speak to you

I can not speak to you

speechlessness arrests my voice

invisible words of loneliness and despair

spill from my throat but you can not hear

My utterances remain without form

See my words drowning in sorrow

Hear my words ravaged by pain

Feel my words buried in heartache

Heed words mired in rhetorical anger

Why can’t you hear me?

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