Please don’t stick your cold nose in my toes
Around my toes I wear nice warm
Not a furry little doggy nose
Trying to sniff and lick my pinky toes

My socks are to stay on my chilly feet
Not as chew toys for those sharp little
Socks are made to remain discreet
They are not treats I wear on my feet

That hat you have hidden under Dad’s
Is Grandpa’s hat that covers his hair
It’s not your round chewy toy hiding
Go get that hat from beneath that chair

Mother’s scarf from India it came
She doubts she’ll ever go back again
Tearing it up is such a foolish game
Still you grabbed it and after you she

Come here my little rapscallion puppy
This blanket displaying a bright orange guppy
Is yours now from me all warm and
I will always be happiest with my new puppy

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