Ruffian Am Not!Response to Monday poetry prompt

A puffin is not a ruffian at heart

Neither is a penguin

and definitely not a startled

starlings start

A puppy can be one

unable to know

the difference between

a playful pat or a ruffians blow

Polar bear cubs

love to play rough in the snow

Bouncing and trouncing

but of course we all know

The one to watch

for out in that cold tundra

is Mama’s Bears ire

she’ll put you six feet under

A rabbit, a deer,

an old one eared fox

even the meanest of mean

great antlered ox

Know nothing of man

of his needs and his wants

until that big shotgun

tears out their guts

Then when they run

across mountains and more

each docile sweet beast

All ruffians galore

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