Time to Write

Time to Write

Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

My daily schedule wound so tight.

Dinner’s served, the dishes are done,

Not one little thing’s been left undone.

Beginning to write, I cannot wait.

Fingers lift in reverent repose,

My eyes drift down and see ten tiny


“I cannot sleep, a monster’s under my

bed! Mommy I need you, to chop off

their heads.”

I lift the trembling bundle with hands

all set to type.

Turn off the computer

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to write!

Tomorrow has come and gone by the


Another day filled with snacks and

lunches and carpools

Wondering where can I write? Where

can I hide?

Then it’s time to fill that washer with Tide

The library stacked with

confectionery tomes,

Calling me bribing me hooking me

tempting me

Just one I tell myself now adult,

Only one I swear I won’t get hooked

Then the hungry kids and even the

dog wonder why I haven’t cooked!

I bid farewell to my one true love

That of a book and those vexing

written words

My downfall it is to not have

discovered ’til now

I’ll be unable to write once more

Until probably next Fall!

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