1. I never thought about hanging out as a bat before. You make it sound like respite.

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  2. Someone I know works with bats. A wildlife rehabber. She’d agree with you, most days, I think. 🙂 (though, in truth, bats do not lead quite such a sheltered life …)

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    1. Extremely social animals. Like catatonic cats that pretend they do not need anyone else or flying foxes that aren’t foxes at all but bats! It’s a wondrous world for sure.

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      1. Yep. I rather like them, conceptually, as long as I don’t have to walk through their … um … refuse … No fan of guano, me. 😉

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  3. Sunra Rainz says:

    I went the bat route too, Ami! Great write 🙂

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  4. Dale says:

    Now I wish I were a bat!

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  5. Bill says:

    Our bat population is migratory (I think). I don’t know what we would do without them in the summer months. Nicely done, Gypsie.

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  6. Some people are scared of bats, I’m not entirely sure why!

    My thirty-four!

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    1. I think a lot of the fear stems from the old Dracula movies!


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