Lost Again

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

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This weekly writing challenge runs from Wednesday through Tuesday. The only rule is to use a quote.

QUOTE: I can turn you into poetry, but I can not make you love me.” fragment #8 (via wildelupine)

Lost Again

by Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

So easy to write a sonnet,

a ballad, a poem when love

is reciprocated in kind

Difficult more to compose

the words when the truth

is reflected in actions and worth

How easy it is to fall

where one does not wish

Not so easy to un-fall at all

Oh Universe why do you taunt

and tease me so

Placing the One just out of reach

Then allowing to reach

to find and to bind

Before leaving me again far behind

Again and again you play with my heart

until only pieces remain

Floating up toward your stars


  1. KL Caley says:

    Beautiful writing. Sad but truthful. What a journey falling in (and out of) love is. KL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you KL! It certainly is! Some you are glad you traveled down; others make you wish you’d taken the opposite fork in the road! 😋

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      1. KL Caley says:

        Very true. The unhappy experiences make us really appreciate the happy ones. 🙂 KL ❤

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  2. Marsha says:

    Your poem caused me to think about love. It reflects the sadness of love and shows that rejection is such a normal part of life. Loving when love isn’t returned seems to be universal. I think what is hardest to learn in life is that we are not for everyone but it’s not necessarily a reflection on us.

    It’s like choosing styles of clothing or accessories for our home. Just because we don’t choose something doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. It might not fit, or it might be the wrong color or accent an imperfection that we would rather hide. Finding love is much like that, and if we happen to find it, it still takes work to keep it fresh throughout a lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing such a thought-provoking poem.

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    1. Exactly so. Now matter the type of relationship or the situation, both parties truly do have to be committed to whatever it is that love has laid out for them. Thank you for reading and for the lovely comment Marsha! 😊

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      1. Marsha says:

        Thanks for the lovely link, Ami. 🙂

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  3. Thank you most kindly Sadje. 😊


  4. Sadje says:

    A poignant poem Ami. Well done my friend

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