100 Word Count

By Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris

PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo and word prompt RUST.


“It has been forty-two years,” the little white-haired lady whispered. She stood stooped and defeated at the threshold of her old farmhouse.

“Yes Ma’am but we found it, we found his truck!”

The elderly woman’s eyes teared up, the moisture trapped beneath heavy lids stretched tightly over her bulging eyes.

“Is he in the truck? His remains?” her voice trembling.

“The Sheriff and Coroner are there waiting for you,” the Deputy said.

He watched her disappear down the hallway.


“One second young man, while I freshen up. I can’t let him see me like this you know!”


  1. Sadje says:

    Aww, heartbreaking

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  2. The abandoned truck brought to mind those real life news stories of people missing and the teams that try to find them even after decades and sometimes do locate them. Thank you for reading my work Sadje, you are greatly appreciated.


  3. Bless her. Loved this Ami

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    1. So happy you enjoyed it Di! 😊

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  4. Iain Kelly says:

    A long time to wait for some closure.

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    1. Most definitely! I feel for those who are truly going through this type of trauma!

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  5. neilmacdon says:

    Lovely. Thought processes on diverging tracks

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  6. Thank you. Some of the true stories while interesting, are hauntingly sad. Thank you for reading. 😊


  7. Dale says:

    Awww… I love this. Bittersweet and yet loving.

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  8. Dear Ami,

    Your MC reminds me of a lady in my writing group years ago. Nicely done.



    PS I’ve linked your story to the inLinkz. Putting your link in my comment section isn’t ideal, in fact this week I found it in my spam folder. If you need help with the inLinkz let me know.

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    1. Thank you Rochelle and thank you for the assistance. I’m just recovering (fingers crossed) from over six weeks of COVID-19 with pneumonia and the brain fog that comes with it and after is a very real thing. Found my clean coffee cup put away …. in my refrigerator! LOL
      Thank goodness I’m not back to driving yet – I might be the one to turn up missing! ☺️

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      1. Oh dear, Ami. I’ve no problem assisting you. Sending you hugs and hopes for full recovery.

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      2. Thank you so very much! 🙏


  9. Bear says:

    Ever the lady, she is. Such a sad story. Great writing.

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  10. Bill says:

    Agh, Gypsie, you’re such a clever one. Great ending.

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    1. Oh thank you Bill. High praise from a master story-teller! Very much appreciated! ✒️😊

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      1. Bill says:

        Blushes and smiles. 🙂


  11. msjadeli says:

    That’s a hilarious twist at the end, Ami.

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    1. Thank you MsJadeli! Very happy you enjoyed it! 😊

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      1. msjadeli says:

        Such a poignant gesture. You’re welcome.

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  12. James McEwan says:

    This ends with a smile, she just has to look good for him-regardless.

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    1. Definitely! Thank you for reading and responding James! 😊

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  13. Rowena says:

    You really brought these people to life, Ami. I don’t know how I’d be not knowing. So hard!
    Best wishes,

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  14. Thank you so much Rowena! 🤗


  15. Such a touching tale, they were clearly a devoted couple.


  16. Margaret says:

    I love your picture of the poor widow – ‘stooped and defeated’, ‘moisture trapped beneath heavy lids’ I can just see her. So good that there’s a lifting of her spirits at the end as she bustles off to ‘freshen up’.

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    1. Thank you Margaret so much! ❤️

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  17. GHLearner says:

    So sad, but at least there’s closure. And in her mind he lives on.


  18. jillyfunnell says:

    Lovely touch of realism – the way humour can find its way into the most heart-breaking situation. So well done.


  19. Thank you so very much Jilly. 😊


  20. i b arora says:

    so concerned about his feelings

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