Beneath the Surface

By (Gypsie) Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Image by Cyranny

In response to Cyranny’s 1MinFic
Photo Prompt Challenge above for March 16, 2022 by Cyranny and Beneath the Surface Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge March 15, 2022 by Go Dog Go Cafe’

The men stand tall and erect
in their longboats, watching beneath the surface of the murky green waters with difficulty.

Not because the water was murky or the sun was sweltering; both of which were true, but not the cause of their great distress and malady.

Forbidden emotions cloud sane thoughts. Awareness of each other forms a murky taboo
ridden web trapping them tightly.

A new-found attraction burst into being, rocking both men to the core of their souls. They couldn’t wait to delve beneath the surface tonight.

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