By (Gypsie) Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Picture Courtesy of Koleen Telecky ❤️

#SixSentenceStories Prompt Word:
Harmony Provided by girlieontheedges blog
Create a story using only six sentences with the word harmony within the context.

It can catch you unawares, get stuck in your mind, then tangled in your hair while redesigning a touch of your ear.

So swift and so sure, timid at times but its motives as always are pure;
just beware your rhythmic steps as I say without jest beware the sound of its quiet beat.

It is totally unclear how sensing you are near, unexpectedly attaches demanding you give it your due.

Unrelenting as the vibrational tune
begins to swell through your tired mind giving you a false sense of needed security.

Startled at first, not knowing
the verse or verbiage to get along. You look up to find not a soul standing round, no one to come to your aid.

You can shake with all your might
careful not to cause any damage or slight to Harmony my best friends cat, now attached to your left leg!


  1. The last line made me chuckle remembering how one of my cats who would drape herself over my arm as I wrote in my journal. Felines definitely do whatever they want, lol

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    1. Some even rule their houses!


  2. Living in an apartment I’m not permitted pets, but often when I leave my door open a fox climbs the 60 steps up to my balcony then wanders indoors and just sits beside me!

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    1. A Fox visit – especially a wild Fox visit is not only special it
      may be manifesting your spirit guide. What a wonderful blessing! 🙏

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  3. Chris Hall says:

    Cats’ lives the world over!

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    1. Yes, cats (most cats) have it made! (😸)

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  4. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nothing like a cat to keep you surprised. I like the thought of something that can get stuck in your mind and then tangled in your hair.

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    1. (smiles) Most definitely Frank! 😊

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  5. Yup, thats a cat alright. They so as the wish, when they wish. I love them anyways

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    1. Most definitely! Though my last feline passed away a couple of years ago; I love them all. Dogs, cats, birds, furry creatures even scaly ones! In fact, when my kids were teenagers and we had a large bit of property then, we had 22 pets ranging from horses to snakes and a bearded dragon. Wonderful but busy time that was!

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