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May 14th – 10 killed, 3 injured in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York

May 15th – 1 killed, 5 injured at a church in Laguna Woods, California

May 24th – 19 children, 2 teachers killed, 17 injured in a school in Uvalde, Texas

June 1st – 4 killed at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Two weeks.  These are just the ones that made the headlines.  In the two weeks following the Buffalo shooting, there have been 36 other mass shootings in the U.S.  With the exception of the church shooting, the incidents I mention above were all carried out with military-style assault weapons … weapons that civilians have no business even owning.

A grocery store, a church, a school, and a hospital.  American Exceptionalism?  Oh yeah, we’re #1 alright … the only nation on the planet where it’s no longer safe to buy food…

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  1. jilldennison says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing … these things are overnight traumas, but then a week later people have forgotten. We really must wake up, make changes to both the gun laws and the way in which we deal with mass shootings.

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  2. Ask this happens only because the gun/pistol is available freely in America. In my country India such incidents never happen at all.
    So bring strict laws to this….

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  3. Many of us are trying Shiva. Unfortunately, big money including campaign donations/funding come from that sector and they have no wish to relinquish their hold on their misconstrued (purposeful or not) interpretation of the U.S. Constitution; nor do those benefiting from the funding/donations want to pull out of their big money source.


  4. 247paulgray says:

    I agree, but spare a thought for the civilians in Ukraine doing the time old survival trick of waiting till pre dawn to empty their slop buckets, find some water, and dash to wherever they can while avoiding Russian gun fire, to find food before returning to their basement shelters.

    As for changing US gun laws? That will never stop the crazies and criminals.
    The guns are out there and ill thought (populist) legislation will never sweep all of them up.
    All it will do is give the bad guys the upper hand by reducing even more innocents to unarmed targets to attack. Laws are for the good people to follow and the criminals and insane to ignore.

    As for India? Shiva.
    A big country is India and there are places within where violence is the norm.
    2019, India made it to #5 in the world for civilian gun deaths.
    You’ve got the same problems to solve YET, as said, the guns are out there so new gun laws only increase the risk to the law abiding.


    1. 247paulgray says:

      Sorry a late addition. “military-style assault weapons”. Sigh.
      It’s not the populist description of a weapon, or the caliber (which is what Biden is focusing on) that is the problem.
      Three things are quoted a lot. Mental issues, Race issues, and crime.
      Changing gun laws won’t solve those three.
      You have to attack the causes of gun deaths FIRST to achieve a good result.

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      1. Paul, I respectfully disagree. If you have an infected splinter in your foot, the very first thing you do is remove the splinter and then treat the infection. You can not treat the infection with the offending splinter still embedded deeply within the foot.

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      2. 247paulgray says:

        It’s everyone’s right to disagree and I respect that.
        So I’ll wait to see what happens next Gypsie.


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