By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris


In response to Fandango’s FOWC with Fandango — word prompt Compromise.

Anti-gun lobbyists and pro-gun lobbyists stood face to face, nose to nose outside the White House where President Biden watched with half-hearted, feigned community interest.

Taunts were yelled back and forth. Threats made. Slurs slung. Anti-lobbyists held up peace sign symbols. The pro-lobbyists, being more organized and well-funded, held up petition signs worthy of any protest petitioner.

The crowds appeared evenly matched, no give in any quarter. A small man hobbled out of the angry, milling crowd. Staff in one hand,
long flowing, weather-worn robes blowing in the perpetual breeze swirling around his thin, muscle-less legs.

Raising both hands, the Dalai Lama squatted and stated softly, “Now we shall compromise.”

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