Legislated Life

Picture Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

The child is born
all help is gone
Arrived safe and sound
now no one is even around

To help the child
or aid the mother
It’s ok the states all say
at least the baby is ok

No matter there is no food
no medicines or baked dry goods
and look the baby’s baby mom
is starting to swell nice and round

The dad isn’t made to pay his dues
he doesn’t have to recognize
his own kid or even two
Least spare a dollar to his own crew

Baby mom has had enough
she grows up tough she grows up mad
Her teenage years were stripped away
she blamed her school and their dad

She sees her body owned by the man
no freedom in the promised land
She walks into an open store
to buy a gun walks out the door

Those inside where she once stood
should have at least understood
Before she falls and things go black
prays her actions get their rights back!

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