Forced Sterilization

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

For all the men I love,
and the men friends
who are good and decent,
This little rebellion poem
is definitely not directed at you.

The general consensus is
the females of our species,
the very young to the very old,
cannot choose what’s best for us,
we must at all cost, bear their children.

Since we as one can not protest,
this is my answer, my request,
my ultimate demand to those
who proclaim they know what is best for you and me and my girl child.

Should a man rape a woman, a man,
a girl or a boy and the judge says so, his reproductive organs, all three be removed immediately from his person. We amend this, make it so.

This will be his mandatory sentence,
a law written to protect and shield
all who have no say so should a child be conceived from this unholy act.
Financial care will be theirs alone.

But wait, kind gentlemen and women
who protest and want the rearing of a child in an inappropriate or forced nest.
No support for the little ones, no food, no medicines or roof over their heads.

Men who have children, at least three or more with multiple women without a care, have that right taken away, and rightfully so with forced sterilization, abortions abated not needed –



  1. jai says:

    100% agree!

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    Yes indeed 💜

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  3. Sadje says:

    Excellent solution my friend.

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