Bouncing Angels

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

In response to Tuesday Ragtag Daily Prompt is soft. By drkottaway from ragtagcommunity at


The first little angel out of the gate, bounced on the biggest fluffiest cloud he could find. He was sure his cloud was the softest and fluffiest one ever.

The second little angel did a swan dove into her fluffy cloud. She exclaimed that hers was softest because she sank down just a tad.

The third and forth little angels, twins you know, bounced so hard they bounced over onto the first little angels cloud where they played merrily and loud! Theirs was certainly not the softest cloud.

The fifth little angel was timid and sweet. He was so tiny he even had tiny feet. He could not bounce alone because his legs weren’t full grown, but a sweeter little angel you’d never meet.

So glowing grown-up Angel, held him over the most softest cloud, holding the little boys tiny body in the palm of his glowing hand. Said he not to be afraid, because soon he would land into the very loving arms of a mom and a dad.

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